12 months protection from heartworm disease... in a single dose.

Have you ever forgotten to give a heartworm dose?

You're not alone! We've calculated that, on average, people buying heartworm tablets from us give only 9 monthly tablets every year. That means a lot of dogs are going unprotected for many months of the year.

Heartworm is a serious and life-threatening disease.

Once A Year

If you're not giving 12 doses per year, then perhaps you should consider the once-a-year ProHeart injection - and forget monthly tablets forever.

ProHeart SR-12 injection uses sustained-release technology to protect your dog for a full 12 months.

ProHeart SR-12 has been proven safe and effective. The injection is quick, easy and costs no more than the tablets that you're using now.

You can arrange to have the injection done at the same time as your dog's annual health check and vaccination. Or you can make an appointment and have it done at any time (there's no consultation fee charged if you come in just for a ProHeart injection).

Notes: Tip: More information: Heartworm Prevention in Dogs

ProHeart SR-12 Injection is brought to you in the interests of healthy, happy pets by Fort Dodge