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Popantel Cat Allwormers

Palatable, Easy to Use

Reliability and Safety... in paste or tablet form.

Popantel Paste

Each Popantel Cat Allwormer syringe has sufficient medication to treat 8kg cat bodyweight. More than the average moggy! This could be a well-fed favourite or four 2kg kittens.


Each Popantel Cat Allwormer tablet will treat 5kg cat bodyweight. You should always weigh your cat before treating.

Protect ALL your family from parasites...

When given regularly Popantel CAT ALLWORMERS will effectively control:

Roundworms, Hookworms and Tapeworms.

Both Popantel CAT ALLWORMERS are safe, including kittens from 6 weeks of age and in pregnant and lactating queens.

Product Use in...


Treat just before mating, 10 days before kittening and 2 weeks and 4 weeks after kittening to ensure that any worms contracted during pregnancy are eliminated. This also ensures that worms transferred to the kittens during pregnancy and early lactation are minimised.


Treat at 6 weeks, again at 8 weeks and that at 12 weeks to ensure that these highly susceptible youngsters are kept worm free.

Adults and kittens older than 12 weeks

Treat regularly and routinely, every 3 months.

If worm problems persist contact your veterinarian.

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